'The badly dressed woman, people remember the clothes. With a well dressed woman, they remember the woman.'  -        Coco Chanel

'Only 7% of a person's judgement is based on what you say to them. The rest of their judgement is based on your appearance and body language.' Colour Me Confident - Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw.

Hello and welcome to the world of 'Colour me Beautiful' Europe's leading image consultancy. As a trained consultant the services that I am offering will make you look and feel fantastic! All consultations are confidential and available to men aswell as women.

Starting a new job and want to make a first day impact?
Going through a period of change in your life and do not feel your clothes reflect the new you?
Stuck in a style rut but afraid to try something new?
Not always sure what to buy as you are baffled by high street fashions?
Only wearing a small proportion of all those clothes in your wardrobe - find out how to wear the rest!
Colour analysis - find out what best suits you
Personal shopping and wardrobe sorting
Make up - tips and advice
Parties - colour analysis, style and make up
Style Consultations - find out what clothes suit you best
A variety of work shop experiences...contact me for more details
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